Why Opt for Asphalt Paving Versus Concrete for a Commercial Lot?

Before you decide on a material to be used for paving your commercial lot, you want to consider the advantages of asphalt. This material is quickly becoming a popular choice for many commercial facilities, and with good reason. Note the advantages if offers so you can determine if it's the right choice for your commercial lot. 1. Price The cost of asphalt paving versus concrete is usually much smaller, and this is especially important to consider when paving a large commercial lot. Read More 

Why Choose Exposed Aggregate Concrete for Your Home’s Driveway?

Exposed aggregate concrete refers to a type of concrete that has a certain element or aggregate mixed in during the pouring process. This aggregate remains exposed and often gives that concrete a bumpy or raised texture and appearance. The aggregate is often made of pebbles or gravel, but it can also be made of soft glass. Exposed aggregate concrete is  great option for your home's driveway and other paving on the property; note a few of the benefits it offers. Read More 

4 Common Mistakes Made When Working with DIY Concrete

Sometimes, mistakes can be made by DIY people when working with concrete that effectively ruins all their efforts. Even though a project can be well thought out and planned, it can still be easy to err when mixing, pouring or finishing the concrete. This article looks at some of the most common DIY mistakes made when working with concrete and how to avoid them. Forgetting to Check the Weather Something as simple as not checking the weather forecast can have complications for the concrete used in the project. Read More 

3 Important Tips for Concrete Cutting at Home

Whether you're cutting concrete for a driveway repair job or to run new plumbing pipes through outside walls, you need to understand the basics of cutting concrete before you start the job. Cutting concrete is not like cutting wood or other softer materials, and you can easily waste time, ruin your tools, and even hurt yourself physically if you didn't understand how to do this cutting effectively. Note the following important tips for concrete cutting at home: Read More 

Want To Make Your Concrete Surfaces Stand Out More? Check Out Concrete Pattern Cutting

Concrete cutting is a technique that uses diamond-embedded blades to cut through even the toughest concrete surfaces. Although commonly used in repair and maintenance, this process can also be applied as a decorative way to spruce up your concrete surfaces. Read on to learn about concrete pattern cutting and how it can make your concrete surfaces stand out. What is concrete pattern cutting? Pattern concrete cutting is a process where concrete surfaces get shallow cuts using a concrete cutting blade. Read More