Decorative Options to Consider for an Existing Concrete Driveway

You may have seen decorative concrete driveway ideas and assumed they required a newly poured concrete slab. However, sometimes you can enhance existing concrete in sound condition. In those cases, contractors can apply colours and textures to a current driveway. Read on to discover more.


Some paving, such as integrally coloured concrete, involves pigments mixed with the cement before it's poured. This technique is ruled out for existing concrete. However, other methods, like staining, are possible. The contractors will first pressure wash the driveway, removing grime and grease. They can apply acid-based or water-based stains or a combination of both. Acid-based stains chemically react with the concrete to generate unique marbling and mottling that mimic natural stone. Stains usually come in earthy shades of brown, grey, red, blue, and green. Water-based stains come in brighter colours.

Being semi-transparent, stains will give your driveway a more natural look than concrete paint, which covers surfaces in a uniform colour. Contractors can blend two or more stain colours, such as tan and black, to add visual depth. You could echo the hue of the roof or another element to unify the kerb view. Thus, the driveway will be transformed without you starting from scratch.

Textures and Patterns

The options for existing concrete aren't limited to colour. You can also create textures and patterns that give the impression of stone pavers. Some techniques for adding texture, such as stamping, aren't achievable if you update the existing concrete. This is because stamping involves moulds being pressed into unset cement. However, instead, contractors can use saws to score or cut lines and patterns into the driveway. The design will be more individual with this method as you won't be relying on manufactured moulds.  You'll get the best decorative result if you combine stains with scoring. For example, the contractors could cut a border of square shapes and stain it with a pale beige colour. They could combine this with a diamond pattern in the centre section, stained in a muted ceramic-red shade.

Stencils also combine well with stains. Then, after laying a paper stencil design over the cleansed driveway, the concrete company apply the stain to the revealed parts. Stencils are available in many configurations, such as running bond, ashlar, and herringbone. After you have the new design, make sure to seal the driveway to protect it so it looks stunning for years to come. Choose a penetrating sealant if you want a natural matte look, or go with a topic sealant with a shinier finish.