Why Choose Exposed Aggregate Concrete for Your Home’s Driveway?

Exposed aggregate concrete refers to a type of concrete that has a certain element or aggregate mixed in during the pouring process. This aggregate remains exposed and often gives that concrete a bumpy or raised texture and appearance. The aggregate is often made of pebbles or gravel, but it can also be made of soft glass. Exposed aggregate concrete is  great option for your home's driveway and other paving on the property; note a few of the benefits it offers.

1. Aesthetics

Concrete itself can be a bit bland and industrial, which is why exposed aggregate is a good choice. The pebbles or glass used as aggregate often have a certain color tone or shade, and they can add lots of visual appeal to concrete. Glass can also reflect sunlight so that it becomes even more attractive on summer days.

If you like the durability of concrete but don't want the boring look, and don't want to invest in having your concrete painted or stained, a raised aggregate can enhance the overall look of your property very easily. Choose a color that contrasts with your landscaping or home's paint job for even more visibility. The raised texture may also allow the aggregate to hide stains more easily, so that your driveway always look new even if it's many years old.

2. Traction

Raised aggregate provides traction during winter months or when the pavement is slippery. Concrete itself, because it's so smooth, doesn't offer much traction for your car or for when you're outside walking. However, the bumpy surface of the raised aggregate can help keep your car from sliding around when it's snowing or ice has formed, or when the pavement is wet.

This is also a consideration for larger, heavier vehicles such as a motor home. Their weight may make them more difficult to control when on a slick surface and on a driveway that is sloped, but the aggregate can help to provide the traction they need for better control.

Using raised aggregate concrete on your walkways can also keep you safer when you're walking outside during inclement, wet weather. The raised surface can also keep snow from becoming compact, so that it may actually melt faster, and this too can add to your overall safety.

If you're looking for a paving material that looks good and that is safer for your home, ask your contractor about your options for raised aggregate concrete. For more information, contact a local concrete company like Dromana Concrete Products