Why Opt for Asphalt Paving Versus Concrete for a Commercial Lot?

Before you decide on a material to be used for paving your commercial lot, you want to consider the advantages of asphalt. This material is quickly becoming a popular choice for many commercial facilities, and with good reason. Note the advantages if offers so you can determine if it's the right choice for your commercial lot.

1. Price

The cost of asphalt paving versus concrete is usually much smaller, and this is especially important to consider when paving a large commercial lot. Since cost is usually figured according to the area that needs to be covered, being able to save even a small amount for every square foot or square meter paved can mean significant savings for these types of larger jobs.

2. Noise absorption

Because asphalt is more porous than concrete, it actually absorbs more noise. If you have regular traffic in and out of your lot, and especially if this includes large trucks, using asphalt can offer a quieter and more comfortable environment for workers than concrete.

3. Speed of set time

Asphalt requires little time to set and dry. In some cases, it can be ready for traffic in just a day or two, whereas concrete may require a full week or more to dry completely. You won't need to cordon off your parking lot for as long when you choose asphalt versus concrete, and you'll see less disruption of traffic in delivery areas.

4. Layering repairs

Asphalt can actually be applied in layers, so that if one area of your lot needs eventual repairs, you may only need to have a top layer removed and a new layer added quickly and easily.  When a section of concrete needs repairing, usually the entire depth of the concrete needs to be removed and then new concrete poured. Not only is this repair job more time consuming, but the drying time for the new concrete is also much longer than that of a layer of asphalt.

5. Safer driving during rainy conditions

The bumpy texture of asphalt actually doesn't allow rainwater to splash around as much as concrete does. In turn, drivers may not have their vision as impaired on rainy days when driving on asphalt, and this makes it safer for them. If your facility is in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, this too is a reason to choose asphalt versus concrete.

6. Better visibility

The paint used for marking off lanes and parking spaces often shows up better against the black color of asphalt versus the light color of concrete. If your facility operates at night and you need to mark off delivery lines, choosing asphalt can add to better visibility and in turn, the safety of drivers.

For more information about your paving options, contact a local company that specializes in commercial driveways and lots.