How Can You Get Concrete to Your Commercial Rooftop Development?

If involved in a commercial rooftop development, transporting concrete to the location can be a challenging task, complicated by issues like accessibility, weight limitations and proper mixing. So, how do you get concrete to your rooftop development so you can proceed with your project? 


One of the most common and efficient ways to transport concrete to a commercial rooftop development is through pumping. This method involves using a concrete pump to transport the mixed concrete to your work location on the rooftop. Concrete pumps come in different sizes and capacities, depending on the particular needs of the project. However, pumping requires careful planning and coordination to ensure that there are no barriers, such as trees or power lines, that could obstruct the pump.


Another option for getting concrete to your commercial rooftop development is through hoisting. This involves using a crane to lift concrete-filled buckets or skip hoists to the rooftop. Hoisting can be a favourable option for larger projects with more substantial concrete requirements. However, it requires more planning and preparation than pumping and can be more expensive due to the cost of renting a crane. When using hoisting, make sure that the crane's lifting capacity aligns with the weight of the concrete-filled skip hoist.


Helicopters can also be an effective means of transporting concrete to a commercial rooftop development, especially when faced with limited accessibility and time constraints. This method involves using a helicopter to drop off concrete-filled buckets on the rooftop. It's expensive compared to other methods but can save time and ensure that concrete is delivered as needed. However, helicopter transportation is not always feasible due to weather conditions or obstacles that may be present on the rooftop.

Pre-cast Concrete

Pre-cast concrete refers to concrete that is already moulded and cured before it is transported to the construction site. This method eliminates the need for on-site mixing and can speed up the overall construction process. Pre-cast concrete is typically delivered to the rooftop using a crane or hoist. It is essential to make sure that the pre-cast concrete blocks are securely attached to the crane or hoist to prevent accidents.

What's Next?

There are various methods to consider when getting concrete to your commercial rooftop development, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Whether you opt for pumping, hoisting, helicopters or pre-cast concrete, planning and preparation are crucial to ensure that the delivery is done safely, efficiently and on time. Consult with a professional concrete contractor with expertise in commercial rooftop development to guide you through the process and help you make the best choice for your project.

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