Questions to Ask Your Installer About Having Concrete Kerbing Installed

Concrete kerbing is a good choice for any garden or lawn edge, where you want something permanent and durable and which can also protect your flowerbeds from errant bikes and even drivers. Concrete can be painted or stained any colour, so you can have a border that matches the flowers in your garden or your home's exterior siding, and which doesn't look dull and drab or overly industrial. When you're considering concrete kerbing for your home, note a few question to ask the installer so you know what's involved with the installation work and with maintaining the concrete itself. Read More 

3 Things You Should Not Do When Resealing Stamped Concrete

Have you noticed that the stamped concrete on your floors is beginning to look faded or whitish? You may need to reapply a sealcoat on that concrete in order to restore its attractive appearance. This article discusses some of the things that you should not do as you perform that DIY resealing project. Not Paying Attention to Coverage Guidelines Manufacturers of concrete sealers usually stipulate how many square metres a given volume of the sealer should cover. Read More 

Amateur Mistakes to Avoid When Pouring Your Own Concrete

Many homeowners can pour their own concrete today, as bagged concrete is available at just about any hardware store and only needs water added. You then don't need to guess as to how much sand, gravel and other materials to add to your concrete before you pour it. However, as easy as it may sound to mix up some concrete and spread it over an area for a new driveway or use it for fixing cracks in a sidewalk, you want to avoid some mistakes that many homeowners make when working with concrete. Read More 

Landlords: Four Tips for Using Scaffolding When Painting Rental Properties

Scaffolding can be a useful tool if you are painting a house. It gives you height more easily and safely than using a ladder, and it allows you to work faster. If you own rental properties and you are repainting them, you may want to buy or hire scaffolding, but you have to ensure you use it carefully. Here are some tips to help: 1. Set up the scaffolding on a sturdy surface. Read More 

Should You Handle Your Own Concrete Core Drilling or Call a Professional?

Some concrete core drilling, meaning drilling circular holes into concrete usually to run wires, conduit, or new plumbing pipes through the material, might be easy enough on your own. However, like most home improvement jobs, you don't want to assume that you can take on more than you can reasonably handle, as this is a surefire way to cause damage to your home and even injure yourself. Note a few things that can help you determine if you should tackle your own concrete core drilling or call a professional. Read More