Has the Brickwork of Your Home Seen Better Days?

When your home is first built, it looks fresh and clean; it is in perfect condition. However, it never takes very long for the elements and daily wear and tear to start having an effect. If you own an older home, you may have noticed that the brickwork of your home no longer looks as nice as it once did, and perhaps you have been thinking about ways you could make it look better. Deciding how you can improve the appearance of your home's exterior isn't always easy. You might decide to paint over the bricks, and while that would certainly brighten-up the wall for a while, it wouldn't fix any underlying issues. It wouldn't be too long before further work was needed.

Arranging brick restoration work

The only effective way to repair damaged bricks is by working with a brick restoration company. The brick restoration company will know how to repair the damaged bricks, cracked lintel, and other issues and can make it safe without causing damage to the rest of your property. If you attempt to take on the brick restoration task yourself, it is possible that you could compromise the integrity of your home or make a bad situation worse because of your inexperience. Two of the most common reasons for calling a brick restoration company are when work is required to make a damaged lintel safe and when bricks in a property wall have started to crack.

Repairing lintels

If you have a lintel above a fireplace or a door, then you will be aware that they are load bearing. If your lintel starts to show signs of failing, then it is imperative that you get the lintel repaired without delay. If the lintel were to fail completely, then there is a strong possibility that it could bring down the entire wall with it, leaving you with a house that has become uninhabitable. Since lintels often include steel, if you see any indication of cracking or any rust stains below the lintel ,then it is important that you do not delay in calling in a brick restoration team.

Damaged brickwork

Sometimes bricks will crack and the damage is only cosmetic. However, there are other times that cracked bricks can be a sign of a structural problem, so if you notice that the bricks in your wall are starting to crack, then it is best to call a brick restoration company. They will know how to strengthen the existing brickwork and to repoint your mortar so that it looks as good as new.