Concrete Drilling: Ideal Options for DIY Projects

Concrete drilling is an important process when building or renovating your property. Basically, this process will create holes in concrete surfaces such as walls, floors and pavements. These are ideal for installing products such as water pipes and data cabling in the home. Moreover, you can extract some concrete material after drilling and send to a laboratory for testing. This can help you understand the condition of your concrete structures. Ideally, you should hire a concrete contractor for the drilling project. However, if the drilling area is small and requires just a few holes, you can perform the work without assistance. Here are the primary drilling tools to consider acquiring for your DIY concrete drilling project.

Hammer Drill

There are numerous types of drills in the market, but the hammer drill is the most suitable for lightweight masonry drilling. This type of tool is designed like the standard electric drill in terms of physical appearance and handling. However, the operational mechanism is modified to add hammering to the regular rotary movement of the standard drill. Generally, the short and rapid thrusts of the drill will pulverise the cured concrete surface. Consequently, you will be able to cut through the concrete faster without applying physical effort. When buying a hammer drill, you can choose between electrical and battery powered products. If you will do some work outdoors, ensure that the battery feature is present.

Core Drill

The core drill is a specially designed drill that extracts a cylindrical piece of material from the pertinent substrate. Basically, this tool is fabricated like a hole saw such that the drilling bit has a hollow internal cavity. When the equipment cuts into the concrete surface, a core will be left inside the bit. The core drill is an ideal choice for your project if you want to obtain samples for a laboratory test. In addition, it is a good choice for creating large holes for wide pipes or manholes. Unfortunately, this equipment is expensive, so consider renting the drill for your small project instead of purchasing.

Drill Bits

Drill bits are crucial components to consider during a concrete drilling project. Typically, the quality and nature of the drill will determine the success of the process. It is critical to choose strong bits that can cut through concrete without breakage or distortion. Diamond and carbide drill bits are the most resilient choices for the masonry work. In addition, you should evaluate different bit sizes to ensure that you have the best match.