Advantages of Using Precast Concrete in Commercial Kerbing

Kerbs are designed to fulfil diverse functions in commercial properties. The structures are installed to separate the driveways and parking lots from the sidewalks and the lawn. This ensures the safety of pedestrians and discourages irresponsible parking on the turf by the drivers. They can also be used to provide support to the pavements and to channel run-off water into the existing storm drains. In addition, they will increase the aesthetic appeal by giving the property a more formal and finished landscape.

If you are considering installing this structure in your property, consider these advantages of precast concrete before making a decision:

High Resilience

There are different types of materials which are suitable for kerb construction such asphalt, stone slabs, cobblestone, concrete and pavers. Precast concrete is one of the common materials favoured in commercial kerbing.

Precast concrete blocks are manufactured in offsite factories and cured in controlled environments. This means that the process is effective in creating highly resilient materials for kerb construction. Basically, the moulds are monitored to ensure that there are no structural weaknesses such as porosity and air bubbles.

The material is allowed to cure in optimal conditions and this reinforces the strength of the mould. The blocks are not vulnerable to corrosion, deflection or even warping. These are useful properties in precast concrete kerbs because the surface is exposed to harsh conditions such as stormwater, snow, ice and impact by vehicles.

Versatile Designs

The kerb is a prominent feature in the landscape of commercial property therefore it is important to ensure that the visual impact is favourable. The production of precast concrete blocks in the factory environment allows the creation of versatile designs. You can choose different styles and visual effects in terms of shapes, the surface finishing and colours.

In addition, the flexibility of the concrete material allows the designers to create kerbs which mimic other types of building blocks. You can request for manufactured products which have the finish of objects like cobblestone or weathered stones. There are concrete kerbs that utilise classical design details such as keystones and capitals.

Short Project Duration

Precast concrete blocks are ideal for shortening the duration for the kerbing project in the property. These materials are easy to install on the ground after the manufactured products are delivered so relatively little time is required to complete the work. This means that the commercial activities will experience minimal disruptions during the project. Moreover, the lower labour costs can contribute to an overall cheaper project.

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