Why You Still Need Demolition Services For Your Pool

Pools are a very common feature in most Australian households, but every now and then some people have cause to remove them. Whether that be because no one uses the pool, it is an inefficient use of space or it is just too ugly and from a different time period, pools get filled in every day. The problem is that sometimes homeowners take that duty upon themselves. This is a very bad idea that can only end up in a bad result, which might seem surprising given how easy it seems. Here are a few reasons why demolition services are needed for any sort of property destruction, including your pool.

No Threat Of Instability Later On

When pool demolition services finish with your home, there will be no remnants of your pool left, with all of the concrete, tile and every other material completely removed. If you do it on your own, there is a good chance you will either purposefully leave some concrete buried because it is too heavy to lift out or accidentally leave some behind. Both of these can cause major structural problems if you ever intend to build in that area again, and you will need to disclose this when (or if) you sell the property.

Danger Of Hitting Pipes

When destroying your old pool, there is a not-insignificant chance that you will come close to some of the many sewage or water pipes going in and out of your home (not to mention any buried gas or electrical connections). Pool demolition services take a lot of precautions so they do not damage any hidden wires or pipes, and if they do, they know immediately how to fix it. If you hit a pipe or a wire, you will likely spend thousands of dollars, if not more, fixing your mistake, which is expensive when you could have spent that money or less on demolition services in the first place.


Demolition work is always going to bring with it some risk. Professionals mitigate this risk through the use of safety equipment, training, experience and, of course, insurance. If something does go wrong and an employee is injured or if some member of the public is injured, the company has insurance to provide for them. This peace of mind also extends to your property, with many taking out insurance on the actual job site as well, which means that, no matter what happens, you are covered. Doing this on your own is much, much riskier. 

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