A Guide On Asphalt Resurfacing

Is the asphalt on your driveway worn out? Asphalt resurfacing is the installation of a thin layer of asphalt to help seal cracks and damage on the existing asphalt. Below are a few things you should know about asphalt resurfacing. 

When Should You Consider Asphalt Resurfacing? 

Asphalt resurfacing will help restore a driveway with minimal damage, such as shallow cracks and potholes. The driveway's foundation must be stable. Resurfacing will help improve the appeal of the driveway. As such, people that intend to sell their homes can resurface the driveway as a way to attract buyers and increase the value of the property. 

Asphalt driveways with extensive damage should be replaced. Resurfacing such driveways is a temporary solution since the cracks and potholes will reappear within a few months. 

During resurfacing, the contractor will remove the top layer of the asphalt driveway and install a new layer. Asphalt takes 2-3 days to cure. After this, the surface can be used as a pavement, road or parking area. If you live in a warm climate, the material will take longer to dry. Your contractor could ask you to spray the surface with water to improve the curing process. Most contractors will give a guarantee on the completed work. 

Choosing An Asphalt Contractor

Below is a short guide to help you choose an asphalt contractor. 

  • Contact some of the contractor's clients to determine his or her reputation.
  • The contractor should have a licence to operate in your area. Besides, ask for proof of general liability insurance cover.
  • Examine the contractor's expertise. For instance, inquire how he or she will maintain a slope to avoid water pools on the driveway. The contractor should use quality materials and equipment when resurfacing your asphalt driveway.
  • The contractor should inspect the driveway and give a comprehensive quote for how much he or she will charge to resurface the driveway. 
  • The contractor should give a timetable of how long the work will take. Additionally, he or she should observe safety standards when installing the driveway. 

Your asphalt contractor will advise you on how to to use the driveway. For instance, you should avoid driving or parking heavy vehicles on the driveway if it has a thin base or asphalt layer. Regular maintenance such as sealing cracks and cleaning the asphalt driveway will help improve its longevity.

Contact a company that provides asphalt resurfacing services in your area to learn more.