3 Methods for Cutting Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are often used as stepping stones in the front or backyard, to create a patio or driveway, or as edging for a driveway. In many cases, some of the pavers will need to be cut in order to fit within the desired space. Here are some different ways to cut the concrete pavers.

Power Saw

A popular method for cutting through concrete pavers is to use a power saw with a diamond blade. Power tools can get through the paver a lot more easily and quickly, though it does take some skill to learn how to use it. When you are using a saw with the diamond blade, choose a circular saw. This tends to be easier to use when you aren't accustomed to power tools of this type. You can also use an angle grinder with the same type of blade if you want to try out that power tool. Make sure you practice proper safety precautions when using this method.

Chisel and Hammer

If you don't have access to power tools or prefer to use hand tools, you can try cutting the concrete pavers with a chisel and hammer. This does take a little more manual labour, but it is a good option when you are cutting the pavers as a DIY individual—power tools are sometimes difficult and dangerous to use. For the chisel to work, you first need to figure out where to cut the paver, then make a score line. You can do this by putting the sharp edge of the chisel along that line, and tapping it lightly with the hammer. Once the score line is there, it allows the chisel to sit in that position easier when you really start hammering. Now put the chisel on the score line and start hammering until pieces break off.


Another method for cutting up concrete pavers is to use a tool called a splitter. This works similar to a chisel and hammer, but is a little more convenient. Not only can splitters work on concrete, but also when cutting pavers made of brick or clay. There are two blades that are on either side of the concrete paver, resting down on the are where you want to cut the paver. You then press down on a lever, which pushes these blades together, thus cutting the paver from both sides on the same line. It helps to easily cut through the concrete material with a little less precision required than a chisel. However, some people find it more comfortable to use than a power tool.