Transform Your Driveway With One Of These Decorative Concrete Ideas

There's no doubt that concrete is one the most durable and affordable materials for driveways. But plain concrete can also be a little plain and boring; a big expanse of grey concrete just isn't very attractive or appealing. However, your concrete driveway can look amazing if you opt for one of the many decorative finishes available from concrete contractors these days. Here are three different decorative concrete driveways finishes that you can choose from.

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is also known as textured or imprinted concrete and refers to the method of stamping patterns and texture onto the surface of the concrete before it dries. There is a variety of different stamp varieties available, which can replicate the look of sandstone, wood, slate, and tiles.

Compared to the cost of actual stone and tile driveway finishes, stamped concrete is very inexpensive. It's also far more durable than its counterparts and requires next to no maintenance.

Exposed aggregate

Aggregate is the small pieces of stone that are incorporated in with concrete while it is being mixed. It helps to bulk out the concrete mix and hold the mix together as it dries. Traditionally, gravel, bluestone, and crusher dust are used as aggregate in concrete.

To create an eye-catching driveway, you can substitute the commonly used aggregate with more visually appealing materials. Brightly coloured stones, pristine white quartz, or shiny pebbles will create a unique and beautiful driveway that will sparkle in the sunlight. To get the best results, have your concrete contractor give your driveway a light sand once it's dry to ensure that plenty of the aggregate is exposed.

Concrete sealant spray

Concrete sealant spray works as both a decorative feature and a sealant. It's a fine concrete liquid that is mixed with very small pieces of aggregate and sprayed evenly over the surface of the concrete. This creates a seamless surface, which looks very sleek and modern.

Concrete sealant spray comes in a wide variety of colours. You can opt for a single colour or mix and match colours to create attractive patterns. This type of driveway finish is tough and non-slip, so it's ideal for use on steep driveways to prevent them from becoming slippery during rainy weather.

Concrete driveways don't need to be dull. By choosing a decorative concrete finish, they can be as stunning as more expensive driveways and are an excellent way to create a modern and stylish addition to your home.